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Style, Protection, and Comfort


As anyone on the road will tell you, cars have become second homes for today’s consumers. Whether it’s an economy vehicle, family sedan, sport coupe, or SUV we’re all spending more time in our cars and keeping them for longer than ever before and accidents are sometimes un-avoidable. Car manufacturers and aftermarket accessory companies are constantly scrambling to get out the latest and greatest products designed to make vehicles more attractive and safer. One of the most efficient ways to add enhancement, improve comfort, increase interior protection, and protect all passengers from injury due to flying glass is to safety coat your vehicles windows with automotive window film installed by Parkway Car Stereo. Our professional quality window films instantly provide a unique, custom look for vehicles and come in a wide variety of colors. Manufactured with strong ultraviolet inhibitors, the film nearly rejects all ultra-violet light, so passengers receive “sunscreen like” protection, while the vehicle trim/fabric is much less likely to fade and all passengers are less likely to be exposed to the damaging effects of cancer and sun burn causing rays. Plus, the solar control properties block significant amounts of solar energy, so the vehicle is cooler and more comfortable even in the most severe climates. Solar control qualities and film life vary greatly from film to film so cheaper is never better. Parkway Car Stereo only offers the best products with ultra-strong mounting adhesives and special scratch-resistant coating, so they will look better, last longer, perform much harder and last longer.


The next time you’re on the road look around! You will probably see, purple, bubbled film that is peeling away from the glass. Cheap film typically can’t stand up to the elements because it was made with inferior raw materials. Those consumers will spend a lot more in the long run to peel the bad film off and re-install a quality product. So don’t get talked into the cheaper film.


Parkway Car Stereo uses only the best window films in the industry:

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